Get fit faster than many people imagine is possible.
And, stay that way.


...With James’ guidance, I lost 8 kilos (17 lbs.) in three months, reducing my body fat percentage from 20% to 14.5%. That was in 2005. I have kept off the fat with James’ mixture of muscle building strength training and sustainable nutrition...

– David Tully

...Literally watching the scale drop daily.
This is a fun read and really effective. I'm following it on my third week. What is important is no sugars for two days straight and to get over the brains need to sedate itself withe sugar on the third day. Then right afterwards the day burning kicks in...

– Brent Bruning

SUDDENLYFIT CAN SET you on the path to a lifestyle of sustainable fitness.

Written by an ex-fat-man once desperate for a remedy to his own life-threatening obesity, this book challenges accepted truisms about fitness and weight loss. It questions the assertions of esteemed authorities and makes clear the remarkable principles that enabled the author’s phenomenal real life transformation.

Frustrated with the ineffective admonitions of experts to adopt a lifestyle that simply isn’t practical in the context of career and family the author was forced to seek another way. He found it. In 1999 he lost more than 60 pounds in eight months. In the time since then he’s learned how to keep the weight off.

The author has achieved what he set out to accomplish. He’s fit. He’s happy about it and he’s helping others to achieve the same thing.

Thoroughly researched, clear, and concise, Suddenlyfit presents an integrated framework of nutrition, training, hydration, and recovery in the context of modern life. The principles detailed in Suddenlyfit are real and they work. They work fast— in weeks not years.