Shoreline Haiku!

an enchantingly illustrated children's story told through short, impressionistic poetry (Early Reader Book, preschool through ages 6-8)

9 customer reviews

Fun and Deceptively Simple – succinct yet moving poetry for youngsters

Praise for Shoreline Haiku!

“Thought provoking and beautiful. This is a great book for kids and adults alike.”

– Colm (via Amazon UK)

“… simply takes you to a beautiful place!”

– Lawrence Lee

“… very peaceful and calming; an ideal short bedtime story that can be enjoyed by all.”

– Kevin Matthews

DO YOUR KIDS LOVE the beach? Would you like help to quiet them down at bedtime? Shoreline Haiku! is a beautifully illustrated story of a day at the seashore told through a collection of haiku paired with gentle watercolors.

Your child will delight in the enchanting illustrations and thought provoking verses of Shoreline Haiku!. Young imaginations will be set alight by the subtle interplay between poetry and painting.

What’s a Haiku? It’s a very short poem: a three line observation about a fleeting moment involving nature.

Haiku are contemplative or wistful in tone and are written with impressionistic brevity. There are no superfluous words and lines don’t have to rhyme. Imagery and perception take precedence. The meaning of a haiku is often suggestive, even subjective— inviting reader participation.

The verses in Shoreline Haiku! are composed in a three line format of seventeen syllables in a five-seven-five pattern that closely approximates the classical Japanese form.

This children’s book is relatable for precocious kids from preschool through ages 6-8.