God bless the child… (who’s got her own)

Sophia at the beach

TEACHING OUR DAUGHTER ABOUT investing – sharing values informed by our family’s circumstances, interests, and ideas extending to the larger economy. It’s the story of how we helped her to understand what money is and how it works while still learning to treat each person as having inherent worth and dignity – of how she learned to make informed choices in the context of freedom consonant with personal responsibility.

The Zen of Warren – The Tao of the Dow


WARREN BUFFETT SAYS, “In the short-term, the market is a popularity contest; in the long-term, it is a weighing machine.” A possible way to interpret this is that no one can predict with meaningful accuracy what any publicly traded company’s stock price will be tomorrow but almost anyone can learn to correctly anticipate, most of the time, what the likelihood of success for an established business that they understand will be over time.

Mathematics – Making the Invisible Visible

Katherine Johnson

KATHERINE JOHNSON is a heroine of the American space program. Her work as a NASA computer (mathematician) influenced major US space shots from Mercury through the Space Shuttle. Notably, she personally calculated the trajectories for the historic flights of Alan Shepard, John Glenn, and Apollo 11. Her intellect and determination provided her with the means to rise above the prejudice and discrimination of the age into which she was born.